Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Packers Pick By Pick 2015 Draft Review

Packers 2015 NFL Draft Picks
Christian Ringo - Now a Green Bay Packer

The 2015 NFL draft happened over the weekend, in case you weren't paying attention, and even if you weren't, it was still impossible not to notice. Here is my review of the Packers draft

Round 1: Damarious Randall/DB/Arizona State- The Packers came into this draft with a big need at cornerback. I myself mocked Marcus Peters to the Packers, but he went 18th overall to the Kansas City Chiefs. After watching the rest of the cornerbacks disappear- Trae Waynes, Marcus Peters, Kevin Johnson, and Byron Jones, Thompson selected Randall, a safety from Arizona State. At first glance everyone was like, what? But now that I look at it, this is crafty ole' CIA Ted at it again. Rather than reach for a cornerback he didn't like, Thompson took the best cover safety in the draft, and already stated he is moving back to corner. Randall has extensive experience playing corner, but only played safety last season because the Sun Devils wanted their best defensive back playing safety.

Round 2: Quinton Rollins/CB/Miami (OH) - After the Packers selected Randall in round one, the whole world thought they would take a defensive tackle or linebacker in round two. Wrong. Thompson showed us again why he may very well be the most unpredictable general manager in sports when he selected Rollins. Quinton Rollins has as high of a ceiling of any cornerback we have seen in a long time. The only thing I can think of with this selection is someone back there- Shields, Hayward, Burnett, Clinton-Dix, Hyde, is hurt, seriously hurt, and they aren't telling anyone. Either that or they don't like Casey Hayward anymore.

Round 3: Ty Montgomery/WR/Stanford- At first glance this one is the true shocker of the Packers draft. They spent a third round draft choice on a position they don't need, wide receiver. Still, if you look at this, it's not a bad draft choice. The Packers have been trying to get Cobb off of returns for a while now, and last year's return men were bad, real bad. In fact, the kickoff return man, Dejaun Harris, was so bad he was benched towards the end of the season. The Packers may have bigger things in store for Montgomery, but at the very least he can Devin Hester the league for the next 5-8 years.

Round 4: Jake Ryan/LB/Michigan- The Packers finally realized they could no longer ignore the linebacker position and selected Michigan's Jake Ryan. He may not be the most talented player in the world, but this guy is nothing but football 24/7. That's a good sign. He could be the thumper linebacker in the middle of the 3-4 zone blitz the Packers run.

Round 5: Brett Hundley/QB/UCLA- On Saturday afternoon UCLA's Brett Hundley won the lottery by being drafted by the Packers. Let me put it this way, for 2.5 quarters Hundley plays like a quarterback who should be taken first overall in a runaway. Then one little thing goes wrong, and he falls apart. Next thing you know he has thrown four interceptions in 12 minutes. This is the golden opportunity for Hundley to be coached up, and the Packers can flip him for the world in three years to a quarterback hungry team.

Round 6A: Aaron Ripkowski/FB/Oklahoma- Oh did I nail this one. In my official mock I mocked Ripkowski to the Packers with pick 6A, and here he is. I will blow my own horn now. Thank you. The arrival of Ripkowski could most likely mean the end of fan favorite John Kuhn.

Round 6B: Christian Ringo/DL/Louisiana-Lafayette- Ringo stands only 6'1”, but if you've ever seen his arms, he's about the last dude in the world you want to pick a fight with. Ringo is a hard worker who will line up at defensive end in this scheme.

Round 6C: Kennard Backman/TE/UAB- Backman, who played his college football for a program that is now defunct, will be a project and a longshot to do anything significant this season.  

Friday, April 24, 2015

Marquee NFL Players That Need To Be Traded Right Now

NFL Trades 2015
The 2015 NFL draft is coming up the weekend of April 30-May 2. By now you are probably sick of being flooded with mock draft after mock draft. Everyone's got an opinion about the draft, and if things went according to mock drafts the same players would be drafted by 22 different teams. The sad news is you can only play for one. But who's counting? This is not another mock draft. It’s something related to the draft, but just a little bit different. This is a list of players who should be traded because of the draft, for draft choices.

Adrian Peterson- Any trade rumors surrounding the NFL draft start and end with Adrian Peterson. You all know the story by now, and I have already covered this particular saga in an earlier post. But that doesn't change the fact that he is trade bait for the draft. The Cardinals and Raiders are both interested and the Vikings are asking for a first round draft choice plus a starting corner back. Now I think that may be absurd myself, and nobody is going to pay that, but the Vikings may back off and take the Cardinals original offer, or they may just sit on Peterson for another year.

Robert Griffin- Three years ago, the Washington Redskins mortgaged their future for Griffin and moved up to take him second overall, right after the Colts selected Andrew Luck first overall. Well it is safe to say that things haven't gone according to plan in Washington for Griffin and the Redskins. After a promising rookie season, Griffin has dealt with injuries and a host of other issues on his way to falling out of favor. Jay Gruden does not publicly support Griffin either. The Redskins are also considering a quarterback with their first round draft choice, specifically one Marcus Mariota. So do not be surprised if Griffin is traded for a draft choice or two if they do indeed take a quarterback.

Sam Bradford- The former Oklahoma Sooner was the number one choice overall of the Rams back in 2011. Bradford was the last number one selection overall in the old collective bargaining agreement, so it appears as if the Rams paid him all of that money for nothing. His time in St. Louis was a total failure, and he was already traded once this off season to Philadelphia. He does not fit Chip Kelly's system, and could potentially be used in a trade to allow the Eagles to move up to draft Marcus Mariota.

Colin Kapernick- The 49ers have begun a rebuild following the Jim Harbaugh years, and are listening to offers for their young quarterback. At this point it is highly unlikely he gets moved, but is still possible. Destinations could include Washington and Philadelphia. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Adrian Peterson's True Trade Value | Vikings Need To Part Ways With This Aged Running Back

Adrian Peterson Trade Value
Unless you've been hiding in a hole for the last 9 months, you have undoubtedly been following the Adrian Peterson saga. Peterson missed almost the entire 2014 NFL season due to punishment stemming from his child abuse incident. We also know that Peterson has been the discussion of many different trade proposals ranging from the serious, to the okay, to the flat out insane, as many fans have suggested. For example, one Vikings fan even proposed a trade in which the Cardinals would trade their first, second, and fourth round draft choices for Peterson. In reality, the story is the Cardinals have offered, and this was before Peterson’s recent comments about playing for the Vikings again, a second round draft choice. The story also goes Vikings general manager Rick Spielman turned it down. The Vikings and their fans need to seriously calm down, and stop overvaluing this man. He's been in the league twice as long as the average player in his position

Yes I understand Peterson is one of the best running backs ever, and he may very well be the best pure runner of the football in NFL history. I understand everything he has meant to the Vikings and their fans since the day he was drafted in 2007. I understand all of that, but that doesn't mean Adrian Peterson is worth someone's entire draft. In fact, he isn't even worth multiple draft choices, unless they are 6th and 7th round draft choices. The Cardinals proposed a second round draft choice for Peterson earlier this off season, and this was before Peterson stated to the press he no longer wants to play for the Minnesota Vikings. I think a second round draft choice is way too much for Peterson. Let's forget about the name Adrian Peterson for a second. To begin the season, he will be a 30-year-old running back who missed the entire previous off season and comes with all kinds of off-the-field and character concerns. I don't want to hear this nonsense about Peterson still being the best running back in football and a once-in-a-generation talent. He is no longer the best running back in the game, nobody really has that title right now, and this is not a “what did you do for me before” league, this is “what can you do for me tomorrow” league. At this point, Peterson may be a shell of what he used to be.

Some are even saying the Vikings should just hang onto Peterson and force him to either play for the Vikings, or retire, as he has said he would do. This would be a bad move on the part of the Vikings. Peterson is under contract with the Vikings. Unless he does something else wrong in between now and the start of training camp, the team can't keep him away from the facilities. That means he would be at the facilities every day, a reminder of “what could have been.” Not to mention, would he be silent while hanging around the Vikings camp? This would be a major distraction for the team, and there is a big difference between a guy away from the facilities saying stuff, and a guy at the facilities running his mouth to other players.

Yes, I understand everything Peterson has meant to the Vikings, but that doesn't mean he is worth as much as they are asking for. The Vikings should have taken the Cardinals offer and run with it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Packers Off Season Moves of 2015 | NFC North Update

Packers NFL Off Season Moves
We are deep enough into the NFL off season that I thought I would take some time to review to the off season so far for the NFC North. We begin without hometown Packers.

Green Bay Packers- So far the theme of this off season for the CIA interrogator lookalike Ted Thompson has been re-signing his own players. As usual Thompson laughed as teams like the Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles throw stupid money around at player such as Demarco Murray and Ndamukong Suh and instead chose to focus on his own players. Thompson played hardball with Randall Cobb and added an extra year, no extra guaranteed money though, to get Brian Bulaga back in Green Bay under market value. Bulaga was expected to go for 8 million a year; Thompson added an extra year and got him for just under 7 million a year. Randall Cobb looked at his offer from Thompson and chose to take it, rather than take more money somewhere else. Randall Cobb is a perfect example of how Thompson doesn't “negotiate”. Thompson puts a value on every player he has, and when another team offers more money, he simply says to the player that his offer stands and good luck if that player chooses to take another offer. Tramon Williams and Davon House both got offers that exceeded Thompson's value of them, so he let both of them walk. Expect a cornerback to be the high priority this draft for the Packers.

Minnesota Vikings- Oh what an entertaining off season it's been for the Vikings. They traded Matt Cassel for a 5th round draft choice, then turned around and traded that draft choice to the Miami Dolphins for Mike Wallace and 7th round draft choice. The entertaining aspect of this would be that Wallace received an offer from the Vikings, but didn't want to sign there. The Vikings then turned around and released Greg Jennings, a man who wanted to be there. Jennings is interested in a return to Green Bay, but that will never happen so don't worry about it. The Packers have no need for him, no use for him, and no place for him. Then of course there is this never ending Adrian Peterson nonsense. This story deserves its own special post, so I will save that for another day. To sum it up in one sentence, Peterson wants a release, and the Vikings won't release him. They will only let him go via trade and they are asking for high draft choices. In other words, they want him to either play for them or sit out another season.

Chicago Bears- The Bears are up to their usual nonsense. They traded Brandon Marshall to the Jets for a late round draft choice and overpaid for Pernell McPhee. The Bears also committed to another year of Jay “Pick Six” Cutler. There is nothing else to see here that you don't already know. Move along.

Detroit Lions- The Lions have shown us this off season why they are one of those organizations that historically struggles to find their way. They let their two interior defensive linemen walk, Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley, but that is understandable. Fairley is a huge risk for the Rams, who signed him to a one year, five million dollar contract, because of his character issues and lack of commitment. The Dolphins overpaid for Suh, end of story. That was okay. Then the Lions panicked and realized they were letting two “names” go. So they traded two mid round draft choices to the Ravens for aging star Haloti Ngata of the Ravens. This was a dumb move, as it cost them two draft choices, which are important for keeping your team stacked with cheap, inexpensive players.