Thursday, October 23, 2014

NFL Power Rankings Week 8 | Packers Head To New Orleans

NFL Power Rankings
Hello my faithful readers. Here is an updated look at my power rankings. Yes, I said that my Green Bay Packers were not to be trusted, but it sure looks like they are finding their way. Will the win streak continue?  More important to some Packers fans goes something like this: "Can Seattle lose another game please?" With that, here is my Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

  1.Cowboys- The Cowboys have the best resume in the league
  2.Broncos- Congratulations to Peyton Manning on breaking the all time touchdown pass record.
  3.Eagles- Very quietly 5-1.
  4.Colts- The best two loss team in the league right now. Their last four opponents are a combined 4-41 on third down.
  5.Chargers- Slipped up this weekend against Kansas City.
  6.Ravens- Don’t sleep on the Ravens.
  7.Patriots- Yeah, Tom Brady can’t play anymore. Yeah right.
  8.Lions- The scary part is that they are doing this without Calvin Johnson.
  9.Packers- I still don’t trust this bunch.
10.Cardinals- I expect a hard fall from this team.
11.Seahawks- The champs look very beatable.
12.49ers- This team should be 2-5 right now.
13.Bengals- Boy, are they crashing and burning.
14.Steelers- Don’t forget about Pittsburgh.
15.Bills- No-one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.
16.Panthers- Overrated.
17.Dolphins- The true middle of the road team in the NFL right now.
18.Texans- All this winning will cost them Marcus Mariota next Spring.
19.Bears- Big fight in the locker room after the embarrassing loss at home against Miami last Sunday.
20.Giants- Always the unpredictable bunch, aren’t they?
21.Chiefs- The luckiest team in the league a year ago. This team simply isn’t that good.
22.Browns- Haha.
23.Saints- This is going to be a cranky bunch Sunday night in Superdome against the Packers.
24.Titans- I think the Titans are ready to wash their hands of Jake Locker and move on.
25.Vikings- They’re trying. However Vikings fans, this team is simply not that good right now, so don’t expect results in terms of wins at this point in time.
26.Rams- They are fighting hard for Jeff Fischer. I wouldn’t expect anything else.
27.Falcons- What happened to these Falcons?
28.Redskins- This team sucks, there is no other way to put it.
29.Buccaneers- They need a quarterback next Spring.
30.Jaguars- Congratulations on the win. Too bad the city of Jacksonville will not see the end of this rebuild.
31.Jets- The circus is up and running again. The feature act will now be Percy Harvin whining about not getting the ball every other play.
32.Raiders- The place where all good players go to die.

Friday, October 10, 2014

NFL Power Rankings | Packers Crack My Top Ten

I already reviewed the Packers game from last Thursday and expressed my feelings about Mike McCarthy’ constant calling off of the dogs a little a too early, so this week it is time for an updated version of my power rankings.

  1. Chargers- This has been the best team so far
  2. Cowboys- This has been the best team in the NFC so far. Stop laughing.
  3. Seahawks- The mighty Seahawks have looked not so mighty at times.
  4. Broncos- Are you as sick of Peyton Manning as I am?
  5. Eagles- This team is surviving on special teams. Other areas need to get going.
  6. Bengals- This is a dangerous team.
  7. Colts- This is the best 2 loss team right now.
  8. Patriots- Yeah, because Tom Brady can’t play anymore, right?
  9. Lions- Their kicking issues may haunt them as the season goes along.
10. Packers- I don’t trust this team on a week to week basis right now.
11. Panthers- Last year may have been a fluke for this team.
12. Cardinals- They’re not as good as their record says they are. I expect a hard fall.
13. 49ers- The rest of the league will have nobody to blame but themselves for letting this team hang around. The rest of the league had a chance to bury this team alive, and they blew it.
14. Ravens- Still dangerous as always.
15. Steelers- They are the Steelers, they have earned the benefit of the doubt.
16. Giants- You never know what to expect from this team, do you?
17. Texans- Another team that is not as good as their record says they are.
18. Bills- If you said six weeks ago Kyle Orton was going to lead the Bills to victory against the Lions good for you. Liars.
19. Bears- I’m still laughing at that one.
20. Chiefs- Blew an opportunity to pick up a tough road win this weekend.
21. Dolphins- There may be dissension in the ranks.
22. Vikings- Really missed the future HOF Bridgewater (sarcasm) against the Packers.
23. Falcons- This team is beaten up, broken down, and battered. This is why you do not go all in on one player in the draft, especially when that one player is a wide receiver. The Falcons are really missing that depth that the draft provides right now.
24. Saints- Who are the real Saints?
25. Browns- Yeah, like this team can really win the AFC North.
26. Buccaneers- For crying out loud, pick a quarterback and be done with it.
27. Rams- They are fighting hard for Jeff Fischer, which is to be expected.
28. Redskins- This team is just as bad without Robert Griffin as they were with him.
29. Titans- Jake Lockers is hurt, yet again.
30. Jets- Geno Smith has been benched for Michael Vick. Let the circus begin.
31. Jaguars- Sorry to say this, but this team may be changing their address in the next couple of years to London or Los Angeles. Who’s wonderful idea was it to place a team right in the heart of SEC territory and expect them to make revenue?
32. Raiders- Maybe it wasn’t just Al Davis.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Packers Versus Vikings | Will Bridgewater Change Outcome At Minnesota?

Packers versus Vikings
Last night at 7 p.m., the entire State of Wisconsin shut down to watch the Packers take on the Vikings at home. I was expecting the Vikings to come in here and win by a couple of touchdowns. Prior to the start of the game, I stated via social media that right now,  I do not trust the Green Bay Packers on a weekly basis.
Not only did the Packers win, but they dominated the game. That was one of the most impressive wins from this team in a long time. They played a complete game of football on both sides of the ball. Eddie Lacy had his first 100 yard game of the season and the Packers ran the ball well all night. Aaron Rodgers did not have a great night statistically, but he hit open receivers when he needed to. Of course, saying Aaron Rodgers bad game is a cause for concern going forward is like saying the sun won’t rise in the morning because it rained the night before. Doesn’t work that way. The Packers were forced into five punts though, although I believe that early on they figured this would be an easy win so let’s not show more than we have to.

The other side of the ball is the conversation about how this game starts and ends. The future hall of fame player (but currently just an injured rookie) according to many Vikings fans, Teddy Bridgewater, injured his ankle on Sunday and was unable to play in this game. That meant Christian Ponder (stop laughing), got the start last night. If you talk to Vikings fans, the Vikings would have won this game if Bridgewater would have played. Um no. Ponder was not missing open receivers because they were not open to begin with. There were no open receivers, the Packers stopped the run, and they hit Ponder all night. Bridgewater would not have done anything about that. This defense played cranky, and this was their best defensive performance in a long time.

One thing that really is bugging me though is McCarthy’s decision to take his foot off the gas late in the third quarter. Yes they did win, but time and time again he takes his foot off the gas way too early. Last week against the Bears, when the Packers were up 38-17 with first and goal on the two yard line, I told my good friend Jon Schwartz “let’s throw a corner fade to Jordy Nelson and put the Bears out of their misery”. Last night, the Packers should have gone for another touchdown before taking their foot off the gas. For some reason, McCarthy takes his foot off the gas to early, and it makes many Packers fans uncomfortable for the rest of the game.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

NFL Season Starts Off Badly | How Many Packers Players Have Been Arrested?

This has not been a good start to the season for the National Football League off the field. Four players- San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Darnell McDonald, Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, and Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy have arrested recently for domestic violence related charges. The way the individual matters have been handled by NFL commissioner Roger Goddell has been highly publicized, and criticized at the same time. Many believe he (Goddell) has botched the situation so bad that they are calling for his firing or resignation. Yes, he does need to resign, but not for this. The way he has dealt with these situations is the least of the reasons as to why he needs to resign. He needs to resign because he has spent the last few years trying to fix something that isn’t broke with his moving games to Thursdays and moving the NFL draft as well as other things. But that is a different discussion for a different day. For now, let’s get back to the discussion at hand.

Before we get any father, I am publicly on record for saying that domestic violence and child abuse is the one place where I personally take a stand. I have stated how I believe each of these matters should be handled and I will place them here as well. I believe Darnell McDonald should be allowed to play for now. Why? Because that was an arrest on suspicion, it is based on a couple of testimonies and such. Greg Hardy should be suspended for the remainder for the season. Why? Because Hardy has already been convicted, although what he did may not really be as bad as what Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson did. I believe Peterson, like Rice, should have been released by the Minnesota Vikings. Then, both Rice and Peterson should have been suspended for not just the rest of this season, but all of next season as well.

Before you all get in an uproar saying that is too harsh, think about this. Chris Carter put it perfectly when he said the NFL needs to rise above the law here, it is not a right to play in this league, but a privilege. The NFL said it is waiting for the legal process to play out. No, just no. You are not the grand jury here, you are not deciding on the freedom of these men. You are deciding whether or not they get to continue to play in the NFL. Let me give you an example. A Year ago, Major League Baseball had a performance enhancing drug on its hands. They did not wait for the legal process to “play out”. They took matters into their own hands. They took two mega-stars in Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez, and made an example out of both of them. I believe this scared the rest of players in a big way, which will go a long way to benefit the league in the long run. The NFL needs to take three men- Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson, and Ray Rice, and make an example out of all of them.

How Many Packers Players Have Been Arrested In The Past?

Mad yet? Cool off, take a breath, because now it is time for something good. Well look no farther than our very own Green Bay Packers. During the Ted Thompson era, only four players acquired by Thompson have ever been arrested. Only two of them, Erik Walden, were domestic incidents. Walden no longer plays for the Packers and Underwood was promptly released. The other two are Johnny Jolly, whose problems are well documented, and Spencer Havner, who was arrested on suspicion of DUI. None of these men play for the Green Bay Packers anymore,  and the last arrest was Erik Walden, which was three years ago. What am I saying? We don’t have to worry about these problems as fans of the Green Bay Packers. Why? Because Ted Thompson’s secret ingredient to his selection of players is a little thing called character. In fact, Aaron the great added another awesome chapter to his legendary status when he surprised the little girl who had started a foundation called G in September because her twin brother had died of pediatric cancer two years ago. Aaron went door to door with her through the neighborhood to help raise awareness for pediatric cancer. Well done Aaron, you just gave the world yet another example of what it means to be a Green Bay Packer.