Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Packers Fans Need To Chill Out | Opening Day Loss To Best Team In The NFL

Packers Fans Chill Out
The Green Bay Packers lost last Thursday on the road to the Seattle Seahawks 36-16 in their first game of the 2014 regular season. I have been watching the comment threads all weekend, and with the way everyone is acting, you would think the apocalypse has begun. Many are saying that the Packers are in big trouble, and they are a declining team. This band is being directed by Minnesota Vikings fans, who oh by the way are celebrating like they won the Super Bowl after beating a Sam Bradford-less Rams team yesterday. Seriously, everyone needs to calm down.

Let me rephrase the opening sentence of this post. The Green Bay Packers just lost on the road to the defending Super Bowl Champions, in a building that is one of the toughest in American sports to go win a road game. Every team, no matter how good they are, is going to play a bad game every season. The Packers decided that game this season would be week one. If you look at the game tape closer, it wasn’t as bad as the score made it to be. The pass defense was fine, the offensive line was fine, the passing game interesting, but I fully expect Rodgers to target more than three players in the coming weeks. The only thing that was really an issue was the rush defense, and the Packers are known for making adjustments “in season” to their lineups. One possible adjustment would be to move Clay Matthews inside. All of a sudden the Packers have an excess of pass rushers. They could start one, say the UDFA Jayrone Elliot, and move Clay Matthews inside, essentially putting Brad Jones on the bench. Matthews has excellent tackling skills they could take advantage of. Another move they could make is to bench Leroy Guion and start either Josh Boyd or Mike Pennel at nose tackle. I would just about expect this one to happen. 

There are other reason to relax as well. We need to remember who these guys are. Mike McCarthy’s Packers are notorious for starting slow and picking up speed as the season goes along. They are known for being a little unsure of themselves to begin each season, and gaining confidence each week. They are known for getting better as the season drags on. I also want everybody to examine the schedule. I do not see another game on the Packers schedule for the rest of the season in which the Packers will not be the “favorites” to win the game. Bottom line, everyone needs to calm down, this team will be fine.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Aaron Rodgers Shouldn't Have Gone To Green Bay | A Look Back At My Predictions

During this preseason as I have watched Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers masterfully orchestrate the Packers no-huddle offense with such precision and lethality; I began to think about how the entire story involving Rodgers has unfolded since he arrived in Green Bay. When the Packers first drafted him, there may not have been a more hated man in Wisconsin than Rodgers. Now, we all watch Rodgers as if he were some sort of alien species with supernatural powers disguised as an earthly human. It is really interesting how people can switch sides in a war, isn’t it? Well anyways, as I thought of that I began to think about my own personal thoughts about Rodgers the day he was drafted by the Packers in 2005. So what were my thoughts about Rodgers? Well, read below.

"Aaron Rodgers was a system quarterback for Jeff Tedford at California. I do not like this draft choice nor do I understand it. Brett Favre is a legend and they could have used the draft choice on another wide receiver such as Reggie Brown, Roscoe Parrish, or Chris Henry. I do not believe Rodgers has the size, arm strength, or athletic ability to succeed at the NFL level. Personally I think Jason Campbell, Andrew Walter, Kyle Orton, and Charlie Frye are all better. My favorite though is Oregon's Derek Anderson. I think Anderson will prove a lot of people wrong and become a great quarterback. I believe at the end of the day, Aaron Rodgers will fail and the Green Bay Packers will need to search for another quarterback to eventually succeed Brett Favre."

Are you laughing at me? If you are, I do not blame you. I would too if I were you. Once you stop laughing, let me defend myself. This was during the time in which I did not fully comprehend yet all of the little things that are needed when evaluating a quarterback. I did not fully understand how important traits like pocket presence, pocket awareness, mechanics, footwork, accuracy, and football IQ are to a quarterback. I was in love with the athletic quarterbacks who could run around and make plays like Michael Vick did, like Vince Young did, and like Johnny Manziel does now. But since that day, I have learned so much about how to properly evaluate talent. Let me give an example of what I mean.

Looking at this previous NFL draft, there were two hotly debated quarterbacks, Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M, and Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville. If this were 10 years ago, I would probably say that Manziel will be a big star and Bridgewater will fail. However, with everything I have learned about player evaluation since then, I am completely the opposite. I believe that Manziel will fail and Bridgewater will succeed. Why? If you look at the scouting reports for both, they are very different. Manziel’s is about running around making plays, etc. Bridgewater is a classic drop back quarterback. To boil it down, Manziel is full of flash, Bridgewater has substance. What I have learned is that flash doesn’t last, substance does.

So how does this apply to Aaron Rodgers? Well, if this were 10 years ago, I would have realized that Rodgers is full of substance and that it is substance that succeeds. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Packers Win - Loss 2014 Record | My Prediction For Green Bay

Packers 2014 Predictions
As you all know, I have made many a bold statement over the last couple of years and I am not afraid to speak my mind. Well here comes another one, and it is in the form of a schedule prediction for the Packers

Week One: Packers at Seattle: W. The Packers are not showing much this preseason and that is because they are gearing up for their week one mega showdown on Seattle on Thursday night to open up the 2014 NFL season. If you stack these teams up against each other and consider all of the circumstances, the Packers have no shot in hell to win this game. However, there is an X-factor to consider. This Packers team is still bitter about the fail mary and that will account for a lot. At the end of the day, I think the Packers win this one in a close affair.

Week Two: vs. New York Jets: W. This will be an easy win for the Packers.

Week Three: Green Bay at Detroit: W. The Lions did some things this offseason to improve, but at the end of the day, I still do not believe they could beat the Packers with a healthy Aaron Rodgers.

Week Four: Packers at Chicago: W. For some reason, everybody always thinks the Bears will beat the Packers once a season, and they never do, expect for last year, and if it hadn’t been for a broken collarbone, that loss would have never happened.

Week Five: vs. Minnesota: W. Who thinks the Vikings really have a shot in this game? Ha.

Week Six Packers at Miami: W. Miami is improving, but I do not think they can beat the Packers.

Week Seven vs. Carolina: W. This will be a hard game, but after Seattle, all of the Packers tough games are at home.

Week Eight at New Orleans: W. This will be the Packers toughest game after week one. However it is a known fact that the Packers are almost unbeatable on fast tracks.

Week Ten Green Bay vs. Chicago: W. The Packers should win this game by a couple of scores.

Week Eleven vs. Philadelphia: W. This will be another tough test, but once again, the Packers have home field. They win this game due to the home field.

Week Twelve Packers at Minnesota: W. Moving outdoors will not do much for the Vikings cause against the Packers, still can’t beat them with a healthy Aaron Rodgers.

Week Thirteen: vs. New England: W. This will be the Packers toughest home game of the season. Still, they win it.

Week Fourteen vs. Atlanta: W. The Falcons will not repeat their woes from a year ago, but still, this team can’t beat the Packers.

Week Fifteen Packers at Buffalo: W. LOL.

Week Sixteen Green Bay versus Tampa Bay: W. LOL times two.

Week Seventeen vs. Detroit: W. The Lions haven’t won in Green Bay since the reemergence of the Packers in the early 1990’s. Don’t expect that to change this season.

So if we count this all up, that is, oh my, 16-0. (Smiles)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Packers Training Camp Highlights Are Hard To Find | NFC North Training Camp Notes

Packers Preseason Football Report
The Packers have had a very boring camp so far, outside of one season ending injury and a few minor ones. Nothing good, or bad, just boring, and that in itself may actually be a good thing. Let’s take a quick look around the division to see how everyone else’s camp is going.

Minnesota- The biggest thing going on here is the quarterback battle. The Minnesota Vikings drafted Teddy Bridgewater with the last selection in round one this year. This was originally supposed to be a three way competition. Well it has turned into a two-way competition as former first round draft choice Christian Ponder has basically taken himself out of the competition with his play. Ponder has performed poorly in camp and looked even worse in the first preseason game,. Now there is talk that he may not even make the roster. Well enough of Ponder, lets talk about that two-way competition. Matt Cassel has looked exactly as expected, solid. Not great, or good, or even bad, but solid. Teddy Bridgewater has looked on and off, as expected as well. The Vikings will need to decide if Bridgewater should start week one. I believe he should sit for the entire season. Then there is the safety position. The Vikings really do not have a second safety to go along with Harrison Smith, so Mike Zimmer got Chris Crocker out of retirement for the third time. Crocker is expected to start week one.

Detroit- The Lions theme this off season has been to get the locker room under control and get healthy. They fired Jim Schwartz and hired Jim Caldwell to address the locker room issue. Now, they are finally beginning to get healthy. Third year wide receiver Ryan Broyles looks to be finally healthy for the first time since early on in his college days, and will add a punch to the Lions passing game. Ezekiel Ansah is also of the PUP list and may be ready for week one. Matthew Stafford has looked very good so far this camp, and needs to continue that if he is finally going to join the list of the NFL’s elite at his position. After a slow start to his first training camp, rookie tight end Eric Ebron has finally picked it up and is looking good.

Chicago- This off season the Chicago Bears made a loud statement when they signed Jay Cutler to a seven year, 100 million dollar contract. With that settled, the backup quarterback position is wide open. The battle is currently between Jimmy Clausen and Jordan Palmer. Clausen will be the first quarterback off the bench in the second preseason game, and that should tell us something. The defense also has gotten back to it’s nasty approach that the Bears have always been known for during camp, which will bode well for them come week one. Other than that, not much to say about the Bears training camp.