Thursday, May 10, 2012

12 Ways to Celebrate Aaron Rodgers Day on 12/12/12

It is official! 12/12/12/ is Aaron Rodgers Day in Wisconsin. We already knew that our favorite Green Bay Packers quarterback was special, but now we have an official day to celebrate the awesomeness that is Aaron Rodgers. In the spirit of Aaron Rodgers Day, here are 12 ways to celebrate Aaron Rodgers on 12/12/12:

  1. Wear your #12 jersey.  
  2. Rewatch Super Bowl 45 while enjoying your favorite game day treats.
  3. Do "the belt" every time something awesome happens during your day.
  4. Wear an actual WWE champion belt.
  5. Visit the Packers Hall of Fame.
  6. Listen to "Bang the Drum All Day" on repeat. 
  7. Throw touchdown passes to your best friends.
  8. Pay a visit to Chico, CA, birthplace of Aaron Rodgers.
  9. Find a way to work in "discount double check" into all of your conversations.
  10. Bake Packer-themed desserts for the office.
  11. Photobomb.
  12. Do a Lambeau Leap.

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