Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Aaron Rodgers The Perfect Quarterback?

Aaron Rodgers Packers Quarterback
When I was in high school around ten years or so ago, my friends and I would often discuss our, at the time, recent football video game experiences, as many high school boys do. I always liked to create players and with most of my football video game experiences at that time, I would create a souped up quarterback. You know, the kind where all of his abilities, expect for a few, are all the way up to or near 100? I showed one of these to a friend of mine once and he said to me, “Tim, that's almost cheating.” I sort of chuckled and laughed because I knew it was sort of true. At that time, we thought a quarterback like that was nothing more than a video game fantasy, he didn't exist for real, and at that time, we were right. But here we are, 10 years later, and that quarterback does exist for real. His name is Aaron Rodgers.

There has never, in the long history of American football, ever been a quarterback like this. Aaron Rodgers is as close to the “perfect quarterback” as we have ever seen. What makes him so close to perfection is that there is has never been a quarterback who literally has no weakness. Every quarterback, even the great ones like Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, and so on, have all had a glaring weakness or two in their game. That is not the case with Rodgers. There is no hole. There is nothing that he can't do as a quarterback, and he is elite in every last, little aspect of playing the quarterback position. Let’s start with raw athleticism. Trent Dilfer once said of Rodgers “he is one of the best athletes in football right now”and that is true. Opposing defenses must defend in such a way that they take into account his running ability, and not just take it into account, but think of it as a DANGEROUS threat to their goal.

Then there is the arm strength. Yes he had a strong arm coming out of college. However during those first three years when he was sitting on the bench he hit the weight room, and hard. He got bigger, stronger, more athletic, and his arm strength, which was great to begin with, improved by leaps and bounds, thanks to hard work and great coaching. Right now Rodgers has one of the strongest, if not the strongest arm, in the game. Then there is accuracy. That has always been the best part of Rodgers game. Very rarely is not pinpoint on target when he throws the ball. But that is more of a testament to the next part of his game, which is what separates him from everyone else.

Aaron Rodgers Throwing Form Is Nearly Perfect

Watch Aaron Rodgers throw a football next Sunday. When he throws the football, there is not a more perfect way to do it. Everything- eyes, throwing motion, release point, grip, foot placement, foot movement, body rotation, shoulder position, shoulder turn, everything, Aaron Rodgers does to absolute perfection. He could not possibly do it any more perfect, because it already is.

There is one more aspect of this that I want to point out. Many people that I know tend to think that this is luck and the Packers lucked out with Aaron Rodgers. Ohhh, no, no, no. This has nothing to do with luck. This is all about a player who is willing to work hard and a coaching staff that is able to teach him. The end result is what he is today.

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