Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Packers 2013 Mock Draft - Version 2

NFL Combine Packers 2013
In case you missed it, one of the biggest non-competitive sporting events took place over the weekend, the NFL Combine. Indeed the NFL Combine is one of the most amazing concepts in sports. Without even putting on a uniform and playing a game, a player can make or lose millions of dollars. For example, Tom Brady had one of the worst combine's in NFL history, dropping him from the second round to the sixth round, and it cost him about a million dollars. Well, nobody cares anymore, but this is still a great example of working out at the combine can blow up in your face. At the same time, it can also add millions of dollars to a player's paycheck. Exhibit A, Jason Pierre-Paul, a defensive end from South Florida, had one of the best workouts in combine history and he shot all the way up into the middle of the first round. With the combine over, everyone is now remaking their mock drafts, so here is version 2 of my 2013 Packers mock draft.

Round 1: John Jenkins/DE/DT/Georgia- Jenkins didn't disappoint or impress at the combine, but I still like him in this spot. He is a big man who can do a lot of good for the Packers front line, and also open up a myriad of opportunities for Dom Capers. Jenkins would even allow Capers to play his dream defense- two big men put three fingers down and are able to hold the line of scrimmage where it is without needing anymore help, therefore allowing Capers to bring extra pressure, without sacrificing pass coverage.

Round 2: Travis Frederick/C/Wisconsin- Frederick had an okay combine, and he dropped a few spots on most big boards. I still like him in this spot, and he gives the Packers exactly what they need. This also is a story that may be too good to be true. Frederick is from Walworth County, played for Wisconsin, and would stay right here in his home state to play for the Packers. Very rarely does a football player get to do that.

Round 3: Stefan Taylor/RB/Stanford- This is the first change in my mock draft. I have been high on Taylor, but didn't think the Packers could get him after round three. Originally, I had Arkansas wide receiver Cobi Hamilton in this spot, but Hamilton had a somewhat bad performance in the combine. There have also been rumors that Greg Jennings isn't going to get the money he wants in the open market and the Packers are now looking to place the franchise tag on him, which instantly makes the Packers less interested in drafting a receiver high.

Round 4: Dion Simms/TE/Michigan State- Mr. mouth Jermichael Finley is at it again, with his recent comments about not taking a pay cut. He pretty much sealed his fate with that one. This means the Packers need a tight end. Honestly, with all of the Packers remaining needs, there is nobody I like in this spot, so I would trade down. But, if I'm forced to keep this draft choice, I would reach a little for Dion Simms, the big tight end out of Michigan State, and cross that need off.

Round 5: A.J. Klein/LB/Iowa- When it comes to the Packers linebackers, I'm not one who thinks they need to find new starters, but rather to let the starters such as Desmond Bishop and Nick Perry get healthy. They could use some depth, and Klein is an instinctive player who if forced to fill in, can keep the curtain from falling down.

Round 6: Ace Sanders/WR/South Carolina- With Randall Cobbs' recent expansion into the offense, the Packers are in the market for a new return man. Ace Sanders is an undersized wide receiver with explosive athleticism, especially in the return game. Sanders could be the next return man for the Packers.

Round 7: Gilbert Pena/DE/DT/Mississippi- Simply put, Pena is a big body who could be a good rotational player and would fit well in the Packers 3-4 scheme. 

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