Thursday, May 9, 2013

Packers Draft Not The Only Thing Going On This Spring

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Yes, the draft is the biggest thing going this time of the year in football. Despite what some of us may think, other football related news has taken place, and much of it is Packers related.

Over the last few weeks the Packers have made Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews contract extensions official. Big surprise?  Not really. Rodgers received a five year-110 million dollar contract. Matthews got six years and 66 million. Now I won't go into the details because I bombed out of college math, and it takes a real mathematician to understand these deals. From the way I understand it, the Packers front-loaded a bunch of guaranteed money to make like easier down the road. Rodgers, in total, will receive 40 million for the upcoming season, the same number that Drew Brees will get. But not all of that is cap money. Rodgers cap hit will never go above 21 million. Rodgers and Matthews combined cap hits will only go over 30 million three times the next six years. The long-range-genius of Ted Thompson has struck YET again. This also means the Packers could have brought back Greg Jennings for a similar deal that he got from the Vikings if they thought he was worth it. Add the fact that Thompson didn't draft a receiver until round seven. That right there tells you everything you need to know about what Thompson thought of Jennings value.

Mike McCarthy has decided to take the old “student body left” scheme philosophy, and applying to his offensive line. The Packers two best lineman, Brian Bulaga and Josh Sitton, are going left, literally. Bulaga will move to left tackle and Sitton to left guard. This also says a lot about Bulaga's current health as he recovers from ACL surgery. EDS will start at center (And that scares me), and T.J. Lang will move to right guard. That leaves the right tackle position wide open; the candidates are Marshall Newhouse, Don Barclay, Derrek Sherrod, Andrew Datko, David Bakhtiari, and any other lineman in camp. In other words, nobody knows who will start there until they actually start there week one. This could either work, or as one JS-Online poster put it, McCarthy could just simply be rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Either way, we will find out.

One of the many undrafted free agent signings by the Packers was Illinois State QB Matt Brown, who has good size and tools that can be developed into something more down the road. Brown will come to camp, giving the Packers four QB's in the preseason. The Packers would love for B.J. Coleman to win the backup job, and if he does, Graham Harrell gets cut, and Brown goes to the practice squad. However if Coleman doesn't win the backup job them Harrell remains the backup, Coleman goes back to the practice squad, and Brown gets cut.

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