Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Packers Versus Rams Preview | Preseason Packers 2013

Packers versus Rams
The Packers began their 2013 preseason schedule with a big fat dud, losing 17-0 at home against the Arizona Cardinals. This is one of those throw away the tape games because there’s nothing to see here. It’s time to move on. Next up for the Packers in their 2013 preseason schedule, a trip to St. Louis.

The biggest and most obvious part of this game that everyone is looking forward to is the performance of the quarterbacks. We know Aaron Rodgers will do just fine; I’m talking about the other three. All three of them have got to play better if they want to be the backup quarterback to the almighty Rodgers. Graham Harrell can put himself into a really good position to win the backup job with a good performance. He doesn’t need to complete every single pass or throw for 300 yards; he just needs to be competent. That mean’s no more tripping over the offensive lineman and fumbling the ball. B.J. Coleman is the one I feel that Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy, and the rest of the powers that be would like to win the job. Coleman can win it with a couple of good performances in training camp. The Packers would prefer to not keep Young as the backup quarterback. They will only do that if they are forced to.

Eddy Lacy Has Something To Prove As A Packer

Will Eddy Lacy play and how will he perform? Lacy was held out of the first preseason game for unknown reasons. He is expected to play against the Rams. Lacy was the Packers 2nd round draft choice and is expected to give the Packers running game some life this season. I am not looking for total stats in this game as much as I am looking for play-to-play performance. Does he find the right hole? Will he pick up the blitz? Can he find some space somewhere to catch a dump off pass from Rodgers and move the ball? These are all questions that need to be answered.

Will one of those young receivers, any of them, step up, and take the 4th receiver job? Right now the Packers top three at receiver are set and they are as good as anyone in the game. However the 4th receiver option is wide open right now. Anyone of them could step up and grab it. A late candidate to add to the mix is Ty Walker, who took full advantage of the Packers subtractions and wide receiver on Friday. He might be playing himself onto the 53 man roster right now. 

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