Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Packers Beat Browns And Climb To First Place | The Good And Bad Of Week Seven

Packers Versus Browns
The Green Bay Packers beat the Browns on Sunday 31-13 to advance to 4-2 on the season. The win, combined with losses by both the Bears and Lions yesterday, puts the Packers all alone in first place in the NFC North.  This would normally be a time to celebrate, but the injury to Finley, on top of all the other players that are still sitting out has muted my cheers and celebrations. 
What I Liked About The Packers Performance
I liked the play of Aaron Rodgers. For the first time in a month, Aaron Rodgers played like Aaron Rodgers. Except for the one pass late in the first half where he missed an open Jon Franklin, Rodgers was sharp, accurate, and on target for most of the game. I liked the play of Jarrett Boykin. For the last 18 months the coaches had had nothing but good things to say about Boykin and prior to game time, I said it was time for Boykin to show us why.  Guess what, he did. Boykin topped 100 yards in receiving and caught the big touchdown pass late to seal the game. I also liked to the play of Eddie Lacy. I figured Lacy wouldn’t best his play from last week in Baltimore, but I also hoped he wouldn’t disappear either. Lacy ran the ball with toughness, especially in the second half when the passing game stalled and the Packers needed someone to step up.

Defensively, I liked the play of A.J. Hawk. He might be having his best season as a Packer. Hawk is playing downhill against the run and is putting pressure on the quarterback. I also like the play of Sam Shields. Shields shut down one of the premier deep threats in the league, Cleveland’s Josh Gordon. I really liked the play of Devon House. Looking at the game tape, it is safe to say that Devon House played his best game as a pro. If Tramon Williams doesn’t step it up, he will be finding himself on the bench when Casey Hayward returns.

What I Liked Less About The Packers Performance
After the first few plays, the second half play calling really confused me. It’s kind of difficult to point out specific plays for something like this; but overall, I was just confused by the play calling by Mike McCarthy for most of the second half. This isn’t the first time this season his play calling has been questioned in some form. It may be time for McCarthy to take a long hard look at his play calling tendencies.

Now this is a touchy subject, so I will do the best not to offend anyone, but I was not happy with the officiating by the time the game was over. Actually, I was furious. That was the worst officiated game I have ever watched the actual real officials officiate at the NFL or FBS college level. Those officials for the Packers-Browns game yesterday should be ashamed of themselves. 

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