Thursday, December 5, 2013

Packers Blan B For Quarterback Issue That Has Come To Be

Packers Plan B at Quarterback
With one injury, the Packers 2013 season has gone from probably ending with a Super Bowl win to a complete nightmare. This isn’t just one injury though; this is Aaron Rodgers, possibly the most irreplaceable athlete in American professional sports history. Still, even though he may be just that, Ted Thompson needs to learn a lesson from this season, and figure out a viable plan B.

Let’s take a look at who they have on the roster first. The only reason Seneca Wallace was signed was because he was available in early September and had a good understanding of the West Coast offense from all of the time he spent with Mike Holmgren. Wallace is not the answer though. He will likely be let go, and not re-signed this off season. The two quarterbacks the Packers are using right now, Scott Tolzien and Matt Flynn, are both intriguing options to be Rodgers backup next season. At this point, I just believe Flynn has developed too many bad habits to get the job. I think that his play against the Vikings was a result of the Vikings being completely unprepared for him. The Lions prepared for him, and easily stopped him. Scott Tolzien could be the backup and several times I have said Tolzien should be the backup to Rodgers long term. However I did not see the game to game improvement from Tolzien I thought I was going to see. He played bad against the Vikings and was benched.

Looking at the list off free agent quarterbacks next Spring, I do not see any that I like, so unless someone is released, which there will probably be many who are, I don’t think Rodgers backup is going to come from that group.

That leaves the draft. This might be the deepest draft class, in terms of not only potential starters, but projects as well, in recent memory. One guy I like is Aaron Murray from Georgia. Murray was projected as late 2nd-early 3rd before his ACL injury that ended his college career. He will probably drop, making it easier for Thompson to draft him. Murray is a smart man, who is a little undersized, but can really spin that football. Another one I like is David Fales out of San Jose State. Fales looks the part and is projected in the 4-5 rounds. Another one I really like is Logan Thomas. Not too long ago, Thomas was a top five draft choice in the making, but overall play dropped him all the way down to the 5-6 rounds. If there is one coaching staff that might be able to get that talent out of him, it is the Packers coaching staff.  There are many different ways Thompson can fix this problem. The point is that he needs to, because the Packers can’t do this again.

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