Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Packers Miracle In Arlington | Green Bay Needs To Keep Flynn

Packers Defeat Cowboys
This Packers season has, without a doubt, been one of the most bizarre in league history, as I documented last week. Well, it got a lot crazier on Sunday in Dallas. In the words of the legendary baseball announcer Jack Buck, I don’t believe what I just saw. This one shall forever be known as “The Miracle In Arlington”. With Matt Flynn as the quarterback, trailing 26-3 at the half, the Packers 2013 season looked all but over. Then, over the next 30 minutes of play, the unthinkable happened. Matt Flynn pulled off one of the most improbable comebacks in NFL history. 

The Packers, after trailing 26-3 at the half, scored a touchdown on all five second half possessions, and came back to win 37-26, in what might be the game of the year in the NFL. Matt Flynn finished the day 26-39, for 299 yards and four touchdowns. Most of that (as well as all four touchdowns,) happened in the second half. For the first time since Rodgers got injured, Eddie Lacy showed up as well. Lacy finished the game with 21 carries for 141 yards, and the game winning touchdown. Ironically enough it was B.J. Raji who led the way on that score.

Packers Should Offer Flynn Another Contract

For the last number of weeks I have criticized Ted Thompson for not having a plan B in place in case Aaron Rodgers, who Trent Dilfer said on Sportscenter on Sunday night might be the best player on the planet. I think Matt Flynn has done plenty to show us that he can be the long term answer as the backup quarterback to Aaron Rodgers. He just can’t leave and come back again. This time, Thompson should give him a long term contract and be done with it. So in other words, forget about all of those potential draft choices for the Packers to draft to be Rodgers long term backup, the long term guy is here, and his name is Matt Flynn.

The Packers playoff chances are all of a sudden not looking so bad. Whatever Chicago does doesn’t matter, as long as the Packers just simply win their last two games, one of which is against Chicago, they will finish ahead of the Bears by default. The Packers do need some help from Detroit though. Detroit has three games remaining, at home against Baltimore on Monday Night Football, at home against the Giants next week, and then on the road against Minnesota in week 17. Detroit needs to lose one of those three games, and the Packers win the division if they win their last two. I think it has to be Baltimore, as I just don’t think the Giants or the Vikings can beat the Lions. The only thing left for the Packers to do this season is to sit Rodgers for the rest of the year and have Matt Flynn lead them to the Super Bowl. 

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